Law and Vengeance: The Justice Department Turns Whistleblowers into The Victim

” Law and Vengeance” is based on a real story from the viewpoint of the whistleblower and how they are dealt with like 2nd class people. Mike Papantonio’s 2nd book in his legal thriller series strikes book shops on September 26th!

Most Americans think that whistleblowers are well secured in this nation and absolutely nothing’s further from the fact. We’ve had administrations, the last administration, we would hear the attorney general of the United States speaking about gee whiz, our concern is a whistleblower and if a whistleblower steps forward, we’re going to secure them. We’re going to make certain that we act and we get an outcome for them and we change the kind of thing that they’re attempting to change. Absolutely nothing is further from the reality. Whistleblowers become victims more than they become heroes, even when they reveal the worst sort of conduct by Corporate America, the worst sort of conduct. It’s not uncommon for the whistleblower to really wind up in prison and the corporation that he’s attempting to blow the whistle on pays a fine and no one ever suffers an effect beyond that.

This idea that this is simple for a whistleblower, that a whistleblower, yeah, he wishes to gather some portion of whatever the case may be which he’s doing this from greed. That is so incorrect. Most whistleblowers what they go through is painful just to do what they know needs to be done. Look, we have whistleblowers that have actually been available in that I’ve managed where what they’re discussing is blowing the whistle that’s making a pharmaceutical that they know has the tendency to eliminate ladies in between the ages of 18 to 35. Now, that seems like quite essential info when that whistleblower moves forward and reports that conduct is occurring, you would anticipate that the Department of Justice and the federal government would understand how essential that is and deal with that whistleblower with decency.

They treat them like 2nd class people. If they earn money in a case like this like I simply explained, they frequently do make money but what they go through to obtain it is painful. Law and Vengeance are based on a real story from the viewpoint of the whistleblower concerning us, providing us the truths, us doing our due diligence, really checking out it. It was definitely precise. Whatever that he stated held true. The maker understood that they had a malfunctioning item. They kept it on the marketplace anyhow knowing that malfunctioning item had the possibility to trigger death. If you’re a cop and you’ve got a weapon sight and it’s expected to be a weapon sight that works, it simply expected to work all the time and no one’s informed you by the way, you may wish to know that when it goes out into the heat or enters into humidity, it has a perspective to stop working completely.

People need to know that. The fact is the company did know that. The federal government was totally asleep as they frequently remain in purchasing these huge purchases. These federal government professionals get away with outright anything they want nowadays. This is a federal government specialist that is no different than the majority of them. If we think of most federal government professionals and we follow the history of them, if they dedicate something, if they devote scams in year one, by year 3, they’re working with the federal government once again. I think most taxpayers would be horrified because taxpayers wind up footing that expense for a malfunctioning item, for scams, for loss of billions of dollars, billions of dollars that are simply decrease tubes because federal government does not do their job where it pertains to ruling in the powers of these weapons producers, defense producers, pharmaceutical business, you call it. I might go right down the list.

It’s near as if even when these folks are captured, there’s absolutely nothing to suffer. They make money. They get a fine for a billion dollars. Let me provide you an example. A defense professional that gets fined a billion dollars has most likely made 6 or $7 billion, therefore it’s an expense of operating. They pay the fine. They keep the other 6 or $7 million and they go their way. No one goes to prison. No one’s damaged. They’re placed on a list for a little while and before you know it, they’re back on the list of defense specialists that can offer to the federal government. There’s no drawback. It’s just expense of operating.